Friday, April 21, 2017


In the past week, I have had 2 deaths in my family. This brings the grand total to 3 for the last month. I am through with death!

On Easter Sunday, I lost an uncle. He was 75 and it was unexpected. He was planning his wedding for this summer.

I found out this morning that a cousin of mine lost her son, tragically, by his own hand. Suicide is so prevalent in the world today. I have been to the brink myself a few times. The last time was in 1998 when I was hospitalized. That and my faith in GOD is what keeps me from going there again. I cannot imagine what his mom (my cousin) is going through right now. I can only keep her in prayer, and the rest of the family.

This is a chapter from the Bible that is used quite often at funerals and memorials. It was the very first verse(s) I memorized. I am sharing this rendition of it as it gives insight as to the meaning of each line. Please take a few moments to read it through.

I encourage you, if you haven't already, please take that first step in accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour!

And if you ever know of someone who is hurting to the point they want to kill themselves, even if it's as subtle as "I just wish I were dead" or they are more depressed than usual, get them help!


Robin in Virginia said...

Please accept my deepest sympathies, thoughts and prayers. Thank you for sharing this version of this Psalm. Thinking of you!

cucki said...

my dear i am so sad here..sending you big hugs.
thinking of you so much.
sending you prayers and thoughts.