Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Is it really 2019?!

It's hard to believe how quickly 2018 went by and that we're already into February of 2019. A lot is going on in this world, good and bad. A lot is happening in my life, good and bad. I won't get into any of it right now.

I am listening to President Trump (I still can't believe he's president, lol) give his State of the Union Address to Congress. I'm hopeful our congressional representatives will get their crap together for the sake of our nation. Again, I won't go into any real detail here.

So, I am sitting in my hotel room, in Kissimmee. Not too far from Disney World and yes I will be visiting one of the parks this week. Not too far from several friends. I may see one or two later this week. Not too far from where my work conference is located. All the while wishing my cat were here with me, or my niece, or even my friend (which would mean having a cat-sitter, lol). But, I do need this time away so I can get MY crap together, lol. And hopefully get my students' exams graded. Yeah, that's slow going currently. 😑

Well, that's pretty much the start to 2019 for me. Staying busy at work. Teaching my favorite subject once again: American History. And looking forward to a great year!

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Robin in Virginia said...

I can't get over how quickly the days go. I hope you have a relaxing time while you are at your conference. Thinking of you!