Challenge 2013

I am not sure what kind of a "Challenge" this will be yet, but I do plan to make a couple of BIG starts for the year. These will be in addition to finishing some other WIPs that just didn't make it in 2012. What, with everything going on in my personal life: job changes, dad's death, etc. So, without further ado, I give you my Stitch List for the year Two Thousand and Thirteen!

Sampler of Psalms
Scarlett and Rhett (chart received from Jennifer over at Feathers in the Nest a couple years ago)
Croakworth 2008 - Ink Circles
My Security Blanket - Patricia Allison Designs ~ begun 1.13.13
Seasonal Cats - Cross My Heart, Inc
Baby Samplers (Abby, Maisy, Sophia, Justin, Gavin)
Praying Hands - Yiota's XStitch ~ begun 5.25.13
...more added later

Medallions (1 page finished out of 4)
Cirque des Carreaux (2 1/2 pgs finished out of 6)
Cream for Kitty (almost half finished)
The Gardeners (almost half finished)
Vibrant Vase #2
Coming Home for the Holidays (SAL with Lana over at A Joyful Stitcher)

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