Goals 2014

This will be a fluid list!

Goal #1: Get below the 200 lb mark (currently at 234.4). I lost 25 lbs late 2012 and early 2013 but gained most back when the depression set in during the spring. My ultimate, desired goal is to get back to the 130 mark if not lower. I felt my best at 110.
Progress 3/17/14: I haven't actually started on this goal yet as I have been dealing with health issues (migraines, arthritis) due to the extreme cold temps we've had this winter.

Goal #2: Get my own life. As previously stated, I spend too much time trying to get family and friends to spend time with me. Which leads to ...
Progress 3/17/14: I am making new friends mainly through church and hang with my neighbor several evenings a week. No man in my life as of yet other than God Himself. I assume that's the way He wants it. :)

Goal #3: Keep out of their lives. It's their life! Let them fix it!! I am tired of being the one who everyone comes to when they have a problem and when I need them they cannot be bothered. As I recently stated, I am tired of the "It's All About Me" attitude. Fix your life! Get right with God!! He knows what's best for you.
Progress 3/17/14: Doing well on this one. Those that cause me the greatest heartbreak are those that I've had little contact with all year so far. I miss seeing them and talking on a regular basis, but I need to do this for me.

Goal #4: Improve in my job. No, this doesn't mean change jobs for better pay. Just improve on what I currently do.
Progress 3/17/14: I've been doing more outreach to employers which in turn is giving more job leads for veterans (and non-veterans alike). I keep looking for new ways to do things, not because what I do now isn't working, but because I want to see more activity amongst the veterans I work with.

Goal #5: Purchase a home. This means selling daddy's place for the wee bit I can get.
Progress 3/17/14: Not gonna happen this year. Pre-qualification process gave me a plan of attack to move toward being able to secure a mortgage. Not totally sad by this, but know that I can't live in this trailer for too many more years.

Goal #6: Spend more time in the WORD with GOD.
Progress 3/17/14: I am L.A.Z.E.E. 'Nuff said. I am joining another Life Group at church that begins on March 20th. It's geared toward college to 30-somethings but I have been invited and am assured my being 41 won't be an issue, LOL. (What a complement that they thought I was in my 30s)

Goal #7: Finish at least 3 WIPs/UFOs. Yeah, this is a biggie as they are all larger projects. Coming Home for the Holidays, Cirque des Carreaux are 2 of the 3.
Progress 3/17/14: I am soooo close to finishing The Gardeners, but put it aside the last month or so as I wanted to turn my attention to another WIP.

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