WIPocalypse 2014

So I decided to join in on the WIPocalypse fun again this year. Last time I was in this SAL, I had fun! It was neat watching and cheering other stitchers along in finishing WIPs. I didn't quite accomplish what I set out to do in 2013 partly because I was dealing with a lot of emotional issues stemming from my dad's death in September 2012. It was a year of adjustment and I just didn't have my mojo!

This year, I am off to a good start and feel like stitching almost everyday. So, for the WIPocalypse I have decided to focus on what I have not finished or stitched on in a couple of years. Here's my list [as small as it may be]:

The Gardeners by Elsa Williams
Cream for Kitty - a Dimensions kitted design
Coming Home for the Holidays - a Dimensions Gold kitted design (SAL with Lana at A Joyful Stitcher)
Cirque des Carreaux - by Ink Circles
Praying Hands - by Yiota's XStitch
My Security Blanket by Patricia Allison (a kitted design)

The last two I did manage to start in 2013 from my "New Starts" list on my Challenge 2013 page. I have gotten not quite half of Hands done.

I may throw in a couple of new starts, but I have told myself I am not allowed to start anything new until I complete one WIP from the above list. I have a few selections for possible new starts below:

The Lord is My Shepherd - Leisure Arts leaflet
Croakworth  by Ink Circles
...and whatever else I can find off my "Future Projects" page

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