'68 Charger-DONE
1938 John Deere Model "A"
Anchors Aweigh (Candamar)-DONE
Astral Lions-DONE

Butterfly Shamrock Wreath (the Cross Stitcher April 2010)- DONE
Cirque des Carreaux- 35% complete
Civil War (the Posy Collection)- DONE
Coming Home for the Holidays- 90% complete

Fraidy Frog-DONE

Holiday Highlights St. Patrick's Day Kit-DONE
Little Angels Picture - Gifted as part of Swap Party
Makin' New Friends-DONE

Married This Day- DONE
Pineapple Cone (Fine Needlework Designs - Colonial Williamsburg)-DONE
Quaker Medallion (Quaker Motifs - Colonial Williamsburg)-DONE

The Great Pumpkin Conspiracy-DONE

Not Started Yet
Hanging Around for Christmas

The Siesta Tree Frog Trio