Monday, September 22, 2008

Life's Journey

We are all on a journey; one that is very specific to our needs, wants, and dreams. God has placed this upon our heart and embedded it within our soul. No one really knows what journey must be taken. The only way to find out is to travel along a twisted road. A road with potholes and obstacles in our way. The following is a poem written some time ago as I embarked on one part of my life's journey:

Difficult journey

A difficult journey
Was taken
Down a long road
To find one
That would make
A difference
One that would
Be dear

It took many
Long days
And even
Longer nights
Until that one
Was found
Now the days and nights
Are filled with
A new journey

This time
The journey is different
It consists of
Making a change
Until that one
Was found
The routine was
Always new
Now the routine
Is the same

The journey
Will never
The path is
Too long

June 16, 1991

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