Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day to All My Readers!!!

I just wanted to post a poem of love on this Valentine's Day. Enjoy!!
love to me means...

love to me means
seeing you with a smile on your face
watching the sun set
with you beside me.
listening to you
when you're upset
understanding your fears
your problems and your cheers.

love to me means
opening my eyes
after a long nights rest
and seeing you there
watching me as i sleep
opening the door to find
a wonderful surprise
the surprise of you standing there.

i never know what you'll say
i never know what i’ll say
thinking of times
we've spent together
brings the warmth to my heart
and looking back in time
to that one moment
when we embraced
always brings a smile
right to my face.

that's what love means to me.

march 15, 1989

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