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Poetry Challenge 2009

...I decided to give it a try this year. I thought about posting them on this blog as well, then thought "Nah!". Well, I decided to do it anyway. This initial post will be rather long so I can get you up-to-date. From here on, I will post every single day. Here are the first 11 poems for the Challenge:











Even a baby goat!

April 1, 2009 ~ Origin Poem


From the Outside Looking In

Looking through the glass

An abundance appears

Hot and cold, sour and sweet

An array of trays and aromas abound.

Looking through the glass

A vision appears

Swirling ball gowns and tails

They dance with glee and blissful sounds.

Looking through the glass

Tears begin to fall

As she stands in the cold

From the outside looking in.

April , 2009 ~ Outsider Poem


The Problem With ______

The problem with life

It is cyclical in nature

The problem with love

It really never lasts

The problem with rain

Can we ever have enough

The problem with this poem

It just makes no sense.

April 3, 2009 ~ “The Problem with (blank)” Poem


Mrs. Beasley

Some might think she’s a doll

Just by hearing her name

In reality, she’s a cat

Yet a doll just the same.

I went to adopt a new kitten

When I lost my dear old friend

(I had her for 17 years)

I had my heart set on another

But she chose us instead.

When the kennel was opened

She leaped out with a bound

I watched in amazement

With the bond that she found.

Mrs. Beasley is now

Just shy of a year

She’s fun and she’s playful

And has filled a void right here.

April 4, 2009 ~ Animal Poem


The Old Man

He sat proudly on top of the mountain

Watching all of the action below

His face is worn from the years

Of exposure to the elements

The sun, the rain, the snow.

A day came along

When he grew weary

From the years he spent there

And the Old Man of the Mountain

Slid silently from his perch atop Mount Washington.

April 5, 2009 ~ Landmark Poem


The Tooth ~ A Haiku

Born with only gums

We grow into our teeth

And then we lose one.

April 6, 2009 ~ Something Missing Poem


Mud Pies

Excitement grows as the rain falls

Anxious to get out and play

Anticipation for the mud that forms

Dreaming of the pies that can be made

Momma let’s her go outside

With a stearn warning to keep away

From the mud puddles in the yard

Knowing that she will play there anyway

An hour goes by, then two

And momma calls her little girl in

She walks into the foyer

Covered from head to toe

April 7, 2009 ~ Clean or Dirty Poem


Morning Routine

Wake up in the morning

Brush your teeth and hair

Pick out your clothes for the day

Eat breakfast on the run

Get to the office in a hurry

Push through until lunch

Back to the grind in an hour

Then leave for home at five

April 8, 2009 ~ Routine Poem


In Memory of Grandma “Barbie”

She had a beautiful smile

Could lighten any room

Her laugh was contagious

Made everyone laugh as well

Her love was empowering

Enough to cause a swell

She took amazing pictures

Of people, of animals, of bugs

She gave of herself generously

Until the day she was gone.

April 9, 2009 ~ Memory Poem



What a cliché

Thank God it’s Friday

As if it were no ordinary day.

The work week has ended

And it’s to the bars we go

To drink away our sorrows

From the previous days.

What a cliché

Thank God it’s Friday

As if it were no ordinary day.

The weekend is upon us

The parties are planned

Which one should I go to

Do I even give a damn!

What a cliché

Thank God it’s Friday

It’s no special day.

April 10, 2009 ~ Friday Poem


The Licorice Stick


That’s the first thing I remember

About my licorice stick

The first time I played a tune

Long, sleek and black

And a sound that tastes so sweet

Low droning tones to

High melodious sounds


The second scale I learned

As my fingers slid over

The shiny silver keys

Benny Goodman once stated

“That’s my favorite licorice stick”

Although one might think of candy

My favorite licorice stick is a clarinet


Now I think I’m ready

To make my licorice stick sing

And fill the room with song.

April 11, 2009 ~ Object Poem


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