Thursday, April 16, 2009

Poetry Challenge Days 14-16

Day 14

Today, we were challenged to write a Love or Anti-Love poem. I tried to combine the two:

Love Sucks

Love sucks

Like a sour lemon

The initial taste is sweet

But it soon turns bitter.

Love bites

Like a horny mosquito

Looking for sweet nectar

Instead drawing blood.

Love breathes

Like wind through the trees

Softly at first

Then harsh like a storm.

Love lives

In my heart and my soul

For my family and friends

For the departed souls.

Day 15

For this poem, we were challenged to take a famous poem and rewrite it as our own. Much acknowledgement goes to Mr. William Shakespeare for his beautiful sonnets and especially for the one which inspire my rewrite: Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day? - Sonnet XVIII

Shall I Compare Thee to a Winter’s Night?

Shall I compare thee to a winter’s night?

You aren’t more lovely than new fallen snow:

Cold temperatures do chill the morning air of December,

And winter’s lease is much, much too long:

Always too cold as the sun shines down,

And often is her white reflection bright;

And all the beauty from beauties drown,

By luck or nature’s unchanging course

But your everlasting winter will not fade

Nor keep possession of what you want;

But Life shall speak your wonder in her

When in everlasting time moves on:

For as long as we breathe and see.

This winter lives on and brings death to we.

Day 16

Today's challenge was to write a poem about a color. I chose one of my favorite colors:

Periwinkle Blue

Periwinkle blue

It sounds like a star in the sky

Periwinkle blue

Almost rhymes with Bullwinkle Moose.

Periwinkle blue

Is the color on my walls

Periwinkle blue

Is the color that I love.

Periwinkle blue

What a treasure to find

Periwinkle blue

What a color to see.

Periwinkle blue

Is always in my dreams

Periwinkle blue

Is the first thing I see.

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