Monday, August 31, 2009

Blackwork Ornaments

Well, my dad went into the hospital last night after having a few dizzy spells all day Sunday. Being a cardiac patient (4 bypasses at the end of Feb 2008), they wanted to keep him for observation. So, this morning I got together a couple of pieces of black Aida fabric to try my hand at blackwork. The latest issue of Just Cross Stitch (Sep/Oct 2009) has a couple of small patterns on pp. 58-59. I started one of the patterns and didn't really pay attention to detail - that is, I didn't stitch over 1 square at a time. Here is what I have so far on that one:

The other one I decided to do it the right way and am pleased with how it is turning out so far. Here is what I have:

I actually did make a couple of intentional changes to the patterns in the magazine. The first change is rather obvious. I didn't like the look of orange on white so I chose to use black Aida instead. Also, I am using DMC 971 instead of DMC 946 floss. It gives it more of a Halloween tone as well as allowing the stitching to stand out a bit more.

I think I will start the other one over and do it right!

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Lana said...

I like them both!!! I actually like how the long stitches looks too!!! Very nice, can't wait to see more progress soon!