Saturday, September 12, 2009

"Elvis has left the building"

Well, he has left my hands finally! I completed him around 10:30 pm last night and I am somewhat satisfied with him. I do not really care for all of the lighter colors in his hair, but I am not sure how I could even change that to my liking. At least he looks like Elvis!?

Here are a few pics:

I think I like the picture that is longer the best. It seems more suitable for framing or whatever.

Now, I should probably turn my attention back to Astral Lions. I only have about 2 weeks left before a new semester begins and I have to focus on the books. I want to get as much done on Lions before then. I also have a couple of other small projects I plan to work on as well. Plus, HalloSAL will be starting in about 1 1/2 months (Nov 1st).

1 comment:

CindyMae said...

Elvis turned out great! Wonderful job and I think the colors look perfect!