Friday, October 30, 2009

Zanesville is Complete!

I finished stitching Zanesville last night (with the exception of my initials and the year). Now I have a week to frame it. Yippee!!

The image on the top is in a "normal" setting on my camera while the one on the bottom is in a "pop art" setting. The right image pics up the color much better!

I also took a couple of pics of Sandy. She gained almost a pound while I was away! She's gonna be a big cat when she's fully grown (she's only 6 months now and weighs a whopping 8.2 lbs!).

The image on the top was taken in August. The image on the bottom was taken yesterday.

She's getting so big that she has outgrown the large size litter box. I have to go to PetSmart later to get a jumbo! LOL

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