Monday, November 9, 2009

Zanesville update and a WIP

I was hoping to show a picture of Zane receiving his birthday gift from me, but out of the 100+ pictures I took at the party on the 7th, wouldn't you know it, that was the only one that didn't turn out! Ugh!!! I will have to ask my cousin to ask around and see if anyone else who took pictures has one of that and if they will email me a copy. I will keep you posted...

In other news, I picked up Makin' New Friends and am determined to finish it off before Christmas this year! There really is not a lot left to do on it. Just a little bit of the border and those dreaded french knots. I am seriously considering using beads instead as I find the knots difficult to do. And I really don't have the patience to keep messing with the thread to get the knots just right. Maybe something I can practice doing after the holidays! I will post a picture when it is completed.


Lili said...

Julie, you won't believe it, but it's the first time I read your craft blog! I only knew your poetry one, which I just love and you know it ;)
Now I have this blog to read too and I'm very glad of it.
I have long dreaded French knots, and somehow I still do. The whole trick is in having the right tension. Meaning that you have to hold the thread tense with your left thumb (if you stitch with the needle in the right hand) very close to the knot while you do it. If the knot doen't feel right, all you have to do is pull it so it goes under the fabric. It's very difficult to explain. The best thing is to have someone show you and practice, practice, practice. Wish I could help more... I have also used beads to avoid French knots.
Love your Xmas cards. I have made several but now tend to turn my stitching into ornies. Well, I hardly write too, so... Lol!

Julie said...

Thanks for the tips Lili! I actually have 3 blogs: this one, the poetry, and one for school. I am contemplating doing one for my photography as I am trying to get that off the ground as a paying thing. My sister has suggested I do that as a career, and I am leaning in that direction, but I am an historian as my first love and would love to teach at the college level as well. Decisions, decisions...

The cards were a last minute idea to do something inexpensive for Christmas this year. I am not sending many out this time, but may try to stitch a couple each month for next year.


Lana said...

Good luck on "Making New freinds". I bet you will make your goal to finish it by Christmas! can't wait to see progress.