Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A card and an ornie

Just a couple of quick finishes to share.

I finished "Joy" a couple nights ago. Here is a pic:

Last night, after much fighting with the fabric, I finished the reindeer ornie (well, as finished as it is gonna get for now). Here is a pic:

As you can see, I used beads for the eyes and the dot on the "i" in Christmas. I still have one leg to complete, and that is where the fighting came in. I must have stabbed myself a half dozen times trying to get the darker brown outline and legs completed. Those stitches go through the center of the square instead of in the holes already there. I didn't like doing those stitches.

The stars were simple, but a lot of work. You have to start and finish each star individually or there will be a lot of "tails" showing through.

The border is done using backstitching instead of the called for "Blanket stitch".

I am not sure if I will frame the little guy or turn him into an actual ornament. Either way, that part will be finished over the weekend.

Now, it's back to the Christmas SAL that I am doing and Chapter 3 of my thesis.

Happy New Year to all!!!


Judy S. said...

Love the nose on your reindeer, Julie! Joy is pretty, too. Good luck on your thesis, and a very Happy New Year.

Marcy said...

I love the little reindeer ornament. Where did you get the pattern?

lenna said...

Julie ~ Your reindeer is adorable. I like his nose. Can you tell me where you got the pattern or is he one of yours?
Your SAL is awesome you have done a great job so far.
Keep up the amazing progress. I am still waiting for the right fabric to come in for my piece.
Take care and God Bless ~