Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Stuff!

I did a little last minute shopping a few nights before Christmas and came upon some cool inexpensive/clearance items at JoAnn's! First, I must tell you that they already had their Valentine's stuff out, so I was a little disturbed while shopping. All that pink! Ugh!! But, as I moved back toward the stitchy stuff, I noticed an end cap display with several cross-stitch card kits for $1.99. I picked up four of those.

Then, I got back to the stitchy area and looked at their clearance stuff and came upon several items that I really liked. I only picked up one though that spoke to the sailor in me.

I looked without much luck for the Learn-A-Craft kits as my niece wants me to teach her how to stitch. I decided to head over to Michael's hoping beyond hope that they still carried kits. And yay! They have them still at that particular location (the one I normally shop in does not carry kits, but they do have all the other bare necessities - and I do mean bare)! I found a few LaC's and a couple of other simpler kits for her (I don't have a pic though as they are wrapped and awaiting to be opened).

At the check out (in JoAnn's) I found the latest import issue of a cross-stitch magazine that I enjoy and picked that up as well. There was a cute reindeer kit included, which I began that night. Here is how far I got:

I also started one of the cards, hoping that I would have 2 of them completed for Christmas, but alas I failed in that attempt! My eyes and hands were just not cooperating after working all day in the floral shop. Here is how far I got on "Joy":


Cindy's Stitching said...

You have some great bargains. Nothing like a bargain. I like the reindeer you started. Happy New year to you

CindyMae said...

Julie you have won the giveaway on my blog but I do not have an email address for you. Could you please drop me an email to

Thanks and Congrats!!

Anonymous said...

Love the piece just passing thru
reindeers are great
with the