Monday, December 7, 2009

Old Finishes, New Beginnings

Well, I managed to turn in a rough draft of one chapter of my thesis, so I have turned my attention to Christmas. Over the next few weeks I will be working on another chapter as well as a SAL for Christmas 2010. I began stitching this piece on the evening of Dec 5th. Here are a couple of pics of what I have done so far:

The top picture is what I completed on the first night. The bottom is what I did last night. So far I am pleased with how it is turning out!

I also managed to get a couple more pillows made from old designs that I finished stitching a while back. The first on is the Polska Sampler. I used a bright (Christmasy) red as the backing fabric. The second one is Forever Wild, which I used a blue backing fabric. Here is a pic:

These, along with Astral Lions, was sent off to MI this morning to be distributed for Christmas.

I almost forgot! I have completed the 2nd part of the HalloSAL Sampler. Here is a pic:


Yoyo said...

"Coming Home" is a lovely piece, and you chose a terrific fabric for it, this is really going to look great.

The Polska Sampler is very interesting, don't know that I've ever seen that 'assissi' style in such a large piece before. Makes a pretty stunning pillow though. My son would go nuts over Forever Wild, would look great under the oil painting of wild mustangs in his room, and the perfect color backing too (LOL).

Julie said...

Thanks Yoyo! The fabric came with the kit for "Coming Home". Yea, I am a kitted person. LOL! It's all I can afford right now.

The Polska was in a magazine I bought in Lincoln, NE last December. It became the bain of my existence after a while. I am determined to do one in blue, probably a delft color.

I'll have to dig up the chart for "Forever Wild" and email it to ya. You may be able to kit it up differently or the same for your son.

Coni said...

Holey Schmoley! Your stitching is simply fabulous! Thanks for the link so that I could mean VIEW all of your work!

Oh, and PS....your graduate work sounds amazingly fascinating, but now I'm all paranoid about my continual butchering of the Engligh language. How the heck do you put up with reading my drivel?