Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wesley Chapel Art Show

I want to share with you one of the artist’s I met at the Wesley Chapel (FL) Art Show over the weekend. His name is Rob Kaz and you can visit his website here. What drew me to him was a rather large painting of a frog. Now, the frog lover that I am, I had to step into his booth and browse through the prints he had for sale. I wound up purchasing two of them: “Nightlight” and “Hey You”. There was at least one other, but I painfully passed on it this time. Please take a moment to check out his website and Gallery to view his artwork and especially the pieces that drew me to his booth.

With that said, I wrote a children’s book several years back tentatively called “Froggy Frog meets Slimey Snail”. The only thing lacking are the illustrations; a good friend of mine offered to assist in the artwork. It is actually a book that could very well turn into a series and will most likely include educational packets geared toward the first and/or second grade. As a poet, I was wary about sharing this little story with anyone as I didn’t think it compared to my poetry. It was a former teacher’s assistant who suggested the educational packets/lesson plans and marketing toward a specific age group. Thank you to her for that insight! I have had nothing but good comments, but for now I will leave it a mystery as I don’t want my work taken from me.

Here is a short excerpt to whet your appetite:
“Froggy lived in a pond.
His favorite spot was on a lily pad.
From his lily pad, Froggy could see the whole world.”
Last year, during the April Poem a Day Challenge, I wrote a haiku about this character. I will repost it here:
Froggy Frog
Froggy Frog is here
Sitting on his lily pad;
Where is Slimey Snail?
April 21, 2009 ~ Haiku

Well, thanks for visiting me. I hope you enjoyed your stay!

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