Thursday, July 8, 2010


I try not to post sad family news to my blogs but I just can't help it this time. You see, my cousin is dying. He had a very rough life being a kid of the 1960s and 70s. He's been terminal for several years owing this to his previous lifestyle. He recently had an operation on his intestines and was readmitted this past weekend with an infection around the staples used to suture him. When they opened him up, they noticed not only the infection but that his intestines were reversed. This makes me think that something went terribly wrong with the surgery, but I only learned about this through "second hand news". And my source learned from his daughter who is absolutely devastated at the thought of losing her daddy. (she's 18). 

I am sad that my cousin is dying. I am sad that I cannot be there to say goodbye. I am sad for my uncle and the one brother who have not yet gone to visit him (in spite of their differences and/or falling out they SHOULD go). I know the my uncle and the cousin will regret not seeing David one last time. I know they will regret not saying goodbye. I only pray that God places it upon their hearts to go to the hospital before it's too late.

I would like you to meet my cousin David:

Langlois Family Reunion 2001 - Saint Johns, MI

I may not have known him very well, but what I do know from meeting him the few times I did in recent years is that he really is a kind-hearted person. And he really has made an effort to change his life and live to the best of his abilities.

My mom, aunts, and uncle did go to visit with him this evening. As he's in ICU they have limits on visitation times to allow the patients to rest. The way I see it, the patient may need rest, but they need the love from their families too. Anyway, they got there around 7pm and the nurse came in before the end of visiting hours (which was 7:30pm) and asked them to leave. My cousin told the nurse "I haven't seen these people in 5 years since my sister died" and began to cry. I think his sister has been gone only 2 or 3 years because she passed rather unexpectedly after I moved to FL and I came here in 2006. Well, my mom, aunts, and uncle were allowed to remain until visiting hours ended. My mom and he were really close growing up (they are also close in age, so that played a big part in it) and even though they are aunt and nephew I truly believe they were good friends too. I am so glad she was able to go and say goodbye.

When he does finally cross over, he will be rejoined with his mother and sister as well as grandma and grandpa. Love you cuz! And when you do arrive, please give them all a great big hug from me. (((HUGS)))

*Updated 7/12/10: Found out that my cousin is being released to his home under hospice soon. Hospital is putting a feeding tube in as well. Happy news that he will be home and a bit more comfortable surrounded by family and loved ones! 

**Updates 2/4/11: I spent some time with David over the Holidays and he was doing remarkably well! Much better than the doctors anticipated. I found out recently that he is being taken off of Hospice care, although he will continue to have a visiting nurse to assist with his cath bags. God is great!!!

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