Friday, July 30, 2010

Just stuff…

I managed to pick up my Christmas Design SAL piece and do a little bit of stitching on it. Here is a before:

and after:

I also gave the wrist band thingy for my camera to my sister so she would quit dropping hers back in June while we were on our trip. Soooo, I made myself a new one using some yarn and a crochet hook. Mind you, I am not much for crochet and only know the very basic single stitch, et voila:

We have been having typical summer tropical storm weather here in central Florida and I have been trying to capture some of the more impressive sunsets. Here are some pics of Wednesday evening’s sunset:

I took the pictures through my bedroom window and the screen kept coming into focus so the last couple are a bit blurry, set on the "sunset" setting, but you get the idea!

Finally, I have been trying without much luck to get some of that Chicken Noodle soup from Subway. It seems they only ever have Broccoli and Cheese anymore so I made my own. Here are a couple of pics of that:

Not bad for a first effort!!!

Oh, and I must add that I will soon be turning in my completed Thesis and it will go to Defense sometime in August (I hope)!!!


Blu said...

Your Christmas piece is beautiful!

Good luck with the thesis.

Sally said...

Wow you got loads done on your Christmas piece and it looks wonderful!

Elaine said...

Julie your christmas piece is looking fab!
Thanks for sharing the lovely photos.

Carol said...

Wow! What incredible detail in your Christmas stitching, Julie--it is looking amazing :)

Erna said...

Love your Christmas work Julie and your soup smells gorgeous

Marcy said...

Good progress on yuor Christmas piece and I bet your soup is better than Subways

Linda said...

Oh my gosh...that Christmas piece is stunning!I love all the photos too...very beautiful. Your soup looks good...I'm sure it's better home-made:)

Jules said...

Thanks everyone!