Monday, August 9, 2010

Tuesday's Show and Tail!

After much thought, I decided to join this fun endeavor! Maybe it will prompt me to spend more time on my photography, especially now that I am wrapping up my MA Thesis. Maybe it will entice more people to follow this blog and offer feedback on my photographic skills. Maybe it will just be fun! So, here's my first ever entry for Tuesday's Show & Tail:


She likes to stretch out when she sleeps

Or strike a pose if she dares

She's always crawling into things, and under as well

She can sleep so sound and peaceful

Her best buddy is a DOG! Joey is my neighbor's...

And of course, she is a Spartan!!!

I adopted Sandy from my vet about a month after I lost one of the funnest kitties I have ever owned (I will post more about that one next time). What's funny about Sandy is that her name was originally "Mickey James". When my dad saw her for the first time he said "Sandy" and it stuck! She's been a joy and a pain, but I love her just the same...

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