Friday, October 15, 2010

Slowly working on...



Boo” – JCS Freebie

Design by Sharon Pope

Stitched on 28-ct Sand (instead of Salt) Carolina Linen

Recommended DMC and Kreinik Fine Braid colors

I just have to make a trip to one of my not-so-LNS’s (Kissimmee or St. Pete) to pick up the recommended Kreinik braid. I think I may spend Sunday working on the Coming Home for the Holidays. I haven’t touched it in a couple of weeks and really need to get the lead out to have it finished for Christmas for my dad! I am starting a new work schedule this week, so that will definitely help me accomplish the finish.

I also wanted to share this with you:

PA153678 PA153679

Yup! I received my diploma in the mail today!!! I am so happy. Now I just need to get a frame and matte board for it and hang it next to my BA diploma. Woo Hoo

I picked up a few items to include in the PIF, Swap Party, and Biscornu exchange tonight. I should finally be mailing out the PIF Monday!


Stitching Cat said...

Jules, thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving the comment. I try to turn off the flash but sometimes the camera has a mind of its own :)! How do you get a close-up of your stitching if you don't get too close? I really sruggle with taking pictures and then there is the whole uploading to computer and downloading to the blog! I want an instant switch. Congrats on your diploma - I'm sure lots of hard work went into obtaining it. Thanks again for your comment.

Sylvia said...

Congrats on your diploma! I know you worked hard for it.
That freebie is coming along nicely as well.

Cole said...

Congratulations on your diploma! That sure must feel good!

Sally said...

Congratulations on your diploma!

Your WIP looks fantastic! So cute:)

Blu said...

Congrats on your diploma!
Your stitching looks great! I don't think I've seen this one before~

Olenka's Stitches said...

Congratulation on receiving the diploma, you worked so hard for it.
Love your Christmas WIP and I am looking forward to seeing your Christmas SAL picture finished. :-)

Elaine said...

Congratulations on your well deserved Diploma Jules.
Love your wip and cute Halloween finishes.

Jules said...

Thank you so much everyone!

gazette94 said...

Congratulations, Julie on your diploma ! I love your halloween stitching ... Thank you for your visit on my blog, it such a pleasure ! Have a good week..

Marcy said...

I guess that makes it official ;) It's amazing how much hard work & money goes into such a little piece of paper.

I love your Boo!