Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ebony ~ Tuesday’s Show & Tail

I made mention last week that I would share recent pics of my newest kitty! Here is what she looked like a few months ago, shortly after being born:


I’d say she was probably about a month old here.

Here’s what she looks like now:


She’s getting more of a chocolate color to her coat, which kinda saddens me, but it’s all good. She was given a flea powder treatment before these pictures were taken. Those pesky things are in great abundance around grandma’s house.


Here she is with one of her sister’s, Sophie:


Sophie is definitely a grandma’s girl! She loves cuddling with my grandma and is just adorable. Notice the size difference? She was the runt and will probably be a very small adult cat. I wish I could bring them both home, but for now Ebony will remain with her siblings and mother and aunts and cousins at grandma’s house!

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