Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Partial Crazy Finish

I say partial because this particular piece is 1 of 2. The first Vibrant Vase is completely stitched:


I am going to pick up the Light Effects floss for the 2nd Vase so there is a nice contrast between the two.

I also received word that the giveaway winner has received her package and she is extremely pleased with it, especially the Godiva I included. Here is a pic of her winnings (courtesy of KimberlyR ~ no blog):

Picture 006

Included (from top left): Pins, Gold Beading strand, Christmas Card stitching kit, Postcard of the town I live in, Godiva Chocolate, Flamingo Needle Minder, Scissors, Bee Happy piece, and Beaded Scissors Fob I made.

Here is a picture of the completed stitched piece I included:


Bee Happy (aka Let’s Be Friends) by Margaret Sherry from Cross Stitcher #226. Kitted as an add-on with purchase of magazine.

After stitching this piece, I have officially decided that Margaret Sherry is my favorite designer (thus far)!


I gave Kim the option of finishing into a style of her choosing, so I look forward to seeing what she comes up with!

I will have another Crazy finish tomorrow, so until then…

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