Sunday, April 24, 2011


Yea, it’s a bit late in the day here in not-so-sunny Central Florida, but it’s been a nice day all the same. Spent the afternoon with my family, helped hide Easter eggs for the kiddos to hunt, and then watched:

Hope yours was just as joyous!!

I promised an update on my stitching projects, so here goes! I managed to get a bit done on Week-end a Paris:


I picked up the Butterfly Shamrock Wreath piece and stitched a bit on that:


And now I am working on Married This Day:



I may or may not continue with this piece during the week. I am also thinking I need to put a little time in on Woodrow Wilson and Halloween, but we’ll see what strikes my mood during the week.

I am still a bit drained from the past week between dad’s appointments and the holiday and I don’t see an end in sight for a couple more weeks. Over here in the US (for those of you abroad), we celebrate our Administrative Professionals this Wednesday. Then it’s only a short week and a half until Mother’s Day, so we will pick up a bit more near the end of this week. Not to mention PROMS! I am looking forward to the break after Mother’s Day, but not the little bit of money I will be making at that point (when my schedule goes back down to 2 days per week). Soooo, gotta pay as many bills up as I can over the next couple checks.

Christ has risen and we are saved!

Until next time…


Sarah Beth said...

LOVE the butterfly one. I have some butterfly ones I think I want to work on! Yea for Spring and Easter. Jesus is Alive!!!!

Alisa said...

The butterfly piece is lovely! The colours are very vibrant!!

Siobhan said...

Lovely progress on your stitching!

gazette94 said...

Hello Julie, thank you for your visit ..It such a pleasure to come on yours and see all your nice stitching projects..

Jules said...

Thanks everyone!