Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's been a rough two weeks

I took my dad to the emergency room almost two weeks ago. I am hoping he comes home tomorrow. Me and the cat sure miss him around here. Yeah, I said it. I miss him when he's gone too long. Anyway, he went in with fever and body aches. The ER doc thought it was pneumonia. Later in the morning, the floor doctor came by and said it wasn't and ordered a CAT scan. That didn't reveal anything so a colonoscopy was performed on Wednesday (the 30th). That doctor found a mass where dad had been having inflammation issues (he was diagnosed with Crohn's earlier this year after his first ever colonoscopy). Well, surgery was scheduled for last Sat morning to remove the mass. The surgeon also biopsied some spots on his liver. He has Stage IV Colon Cancer and it has spread to the liver (only reason it's classified as Stage IV). The spots are cancer but not tumors from what I am told. Chemo will begin in a couple weeks after he has time to heal and build strength. The oncologist seems optimistic about treatment, but we will get a second opinion soon.

I know he will be happy to come home too.

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