Sunday, April 3, 2011

Poem A Day ~ Day 3 ~ The world without me

The Decision


The news is not good, dire in fact

And a decision has to be made

Is she really ready to become a mother

At such a young age?

The child was an accident, afterall

And the reason she had to get married.

Is this truly God’s will or do I get to choose?


The decision has to be made very soon

Whether to save this unborn child or not.

The young mother is at a crossroads

And can’t seem to make this decision easily.

The doctor explains that this new drug

Will stop her from losing this child.

The question is, does she really want it.


The decision is made to take the injection

And pray that God will see her through.

But what if that decision was not made?

My life would not exist as it does today.

Did the young mother make the right decision

That fateful day all those years ago?

I’d like to think so, because she is my mother.

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