Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Poem a Day ~ Days 12, 13

The object for Day 12’s prompt was to write a poem using some form or anti-form. After much reading on the different forms, and contemplating trying to write a courtly love poem based on the Arab tradition, I chose to write a freestyle…for lack of better words!

Where are the words?


I don’t know what to write


The words don’t seem to come.

So this will just be short and


To write a few words for you.


13 April 2011 ~ PAD Day 12 ~ Poem Form



Lingering Embrace


Your eyes embraced me

The moment we met

And held a special friendship

That only I could see.

Your smile lit up the room

As we held hands

Your grip was firm yet loving

That only I could know.

Though we’ve been apart

For many years,

The memory of your embrace

Lingers in my mind.

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