Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The week from hell, so far!

Other than spending some time with a good friend this week, my week hasn’t been all that great! It started out with being called into work on Monday because a co-worker called out sick. Ok, so I had an extra day for the week. Plus, my friend came over that evening and we had a blast watching Jeff Dunham (dvd’s) and chatting. I think know he got a great kick out of the puppets, especially Walter and Peanut, LOL! Anyway, Tuesday morning came and I anticipated going into work around 11am. WRONG! No call, no show from the one co-worker so I got called in early. I was a bit pissed! Then, on top of everything, the emotions spilled over yesterday evening. I probably sat on my bed and cried for about two hours not really understanding what started the water works, but realised that part of it had to do with my dad’s health issue at the moment and part of it was the stuff going on at work. That’s where we get to today.


This morning, I went in (as planned) at 9am. No call, no show again! Asshole!!! Well, he did finally show his face around 10am, proceeded to pack his personal belongings and left. He actually left after I went to deliver some pieces for a funeral. When I returned I asked if he even spoke to the supervisor and she said he did. When she asked him why he was leaving he said, “It’s been real. It’s been fun.” Nothing more, nothing less. ASS! I mean, now that I am totally screwed out of having my birthday OFF this week. Oh well, at least I had a friend by me during the calming stages of my water works; for a couple hours anyway.

So, it appears that I may just be working 6 DAYS A WEEK for the rest of the summer. They are talking about asking one of our seasonals to come in a couple days a week so I can have at least 1 day off or possibly 2. I told them I am good with working 6 days, but if I can have 1 day off that would be great. We’ll see how this story plays out over the next few days/weeks.  I guess I should be happy that I will be making a little more this summer than anticiapted, so THANK YOU NO CALL, NO SHOW for ADDING to my INCOME! ASSHOLE!!!


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