Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Crazy Mabry Mill Finish

Yes, I finally have another Crazy Finish!!! I put the last stitch into Mabry Mill a few moments ago and took a picture:


Looking to finish Halloween tomorrow. Today was a crazy day. Spent part of the morning at my grandma’s then went back a couple hours ago to find her nebulizer. It takes around 20 minutes to get to her house as she lives in the middle of nowhere, lol! But it’s all good. She’ll be 86 in October and not sure how many more years she’ll be with us so when she needs me, if I can, I am there!

To all of my blogging friends who were affected by this afternoon’s earthquake, stay safe! Hopefully the aftershocks won’t be nearly as bad as the quake itself!

Until next time…


Sally said...

Congratulations on your finish. It is gorgeous.

Marcy said...

Congrats on another crazy finish. Enjoy your grandma -- mine have been gone a long time :(

Linda said...

Looks great! Enjoy your Grandma...they are quite the blessings!

Sharon said...

Beautiful finish!