Thursday, September 1, 2011

Woodrow Wilson’s Birthplace…

I spent much of the last couple days stitching on Wilson’s Birthplace. I have the house nearly complete, including backstitches! Here are some pics:
This is where I left off in May

And this is where it stands as of last night!

Going to try to get back on the Crazy rotation. I am also going to put some time in on the Coming Home for the Holidays SAL with Lana over the weekend. In addition to all of this, I am still looking for a full time job (and I absolutely hate trying to write a resume) and spending the weekend helping my sister move. I may wind up staying with her most of the weekend.

Oh, and here is a picture of my baby, Abu, trying to assist me in my stitching efforts:


And, I changed my Blog Title to "A Stitch in Time with Jules". 

Until next time…


Anonymous said...

Mr. Wilson's birthplace looks great! And I love your Mabry Mill finish! Where do you find your Virginia and historice related charts?

Robin in Virginia

Lana said...

Woodrows House is looking lovely, you are quite the builder!!'s Saturday morning here, and as soon as I finish up with blog reading and get the baby fed, I am hoping to sit down and get to work on Coming Home!! You're probably gonna blast me outta the water with your uber-fast stitching! But it'll still be lotsa fun to know that somewhere out there on the other side of the planet someone is putting in stitches on the same project that I am!! Happy stitching! Oh! I like your new blog name!

Lana said...

Ooops, you know what I just realized? It's not the weekend yet! My husband is home from work for the long holiday weekend, so it feels like Saturday to me,plus I'm a day ahead of's only Thurs. there, it's Friday here, and my brain told me it was Saturday,because the hubs is here! Haha! I actually didn't stitch on the SAL yet though, so will wait now, another day! =) Sorry about that!

Linda said...

Hi, I just love your historical pieces. Can you tell me who the designers are and where I might find the charts.

Thanks, Linda

Marcy said...

Abu is adorable .... and so helpful too.

Marcy said...

ooops! I forgot to comment on your stitching -- it looks great.