Sunday, November 13, 2011

A New Job!

Well, I started my new job on October 28th. I am happy with it so far. It is a State (FL) position, so there are benefits. As with any new job, there is a probationary period. This is probably the longest one I will ever see: 12 months. It’s a secretary position so nothing too difficult or stressful --- so far, LOL!

My dad should be taking his final chemo treatment on Tuesday. He has not been feeling well for about a week now, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed that his blood counts are high enough to proceed on Tuesday. If not, then we wait another week. The main thing is he hasn’t felt much like eating anything. My sis and I agree that it’s probably due to the chemo drugs/poisons. It bothers him that he hasn’t been able to eat a “full meal” (by his standards anyway).

Other than that, not much else happening in my life. Just looking forward to closing out 2011 and beginning a fresh new year in a few weeks!

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