Friday, December 2, 2011

A Christmas Story

Christmas in Michigan tends to be interesting. What with the snow and ice covering the ground, trees, houses, and anything else in sight! One particular Christmas, however, was especially interesting. I am reminded by a fellow blogger about a Christmas season where a cat found himself enveloped by a Christmas tree:


Now, while Chris’s cat may have been causing mischief, my mom’s cat, Casper (name is rather fitting), decided he would nestle down for a nap. I woke up one morning to find him in the tree. I wasn’t looking for him. I just happened to see that white spot surrounded by green and ornaments, LOL! I mean, can you imagine?!?! And would you believe that he got into the tree, very near to the top, and out of it without harming a single ornament!? Now that is one smart cat!!!

He was quite content, I might add! Smile

On the stitchy front, this being the first weekend of December, it is time to once again pick up the CH4TH SAL with Lana over at A Joyful Stitcher. For those who are not familiar with the acronym (thanks to Lana!!) it stands for Coming Home for the Holidays. We both found that we are stitching it and she suggested the SAL. Of course I said yes! And we are now on our 5th or 6th SAL weekend. I will be spending Saturday and part of Sunday with my sister, but I plan to take it along with me and put a handful of stitches into it. I don’t think that I will finish it for dad this year, but plan to early in 2012. This is where I left off last month:


I am not sure how Lana would feel, but if anyone reading this is also working on this piece, please feel free to join us in our SAL. We are mainly doing it as an encouragement SAL. No time frame to complete it. No pressure. Just put a little bit of time on the 1st weekend of each month and see how you progress!!!


Chris said...

OMG!!!! This made my day and the pic is perfect. I have a huge smile on my face now :)
Your stitching is looking great.

Lenne said...

I've been enjoying your blog- beautiful work!