Sunday, February 5, 2012

WIPocalypse post for February

And then some….

First, the “then some”. It’s been an emotional week for me. Well, weekend really. It started with some not-so-good news on my dad’s prognosis. His CT scans from Dec and Jan revealed a 25% increase in cancer cells in his liver and it has spread to his lower lungs. We will find out the course of further treatment this coming Friday. I also found out that same day (Thursday) that his brother went back into the hospital after being in post-op rehab for a week. He wound up with a blood transfusion.

This morning, I played traffic director after a major head-on collision in front of our church. There were 3 cars involved, however 2 were destroyed. Of those 2, one had 5 elderly citizens inside – three in the back, not in seatbelts, passed away. The driver and passenger were taken to hospital. I believe they were husband and wife. The other car had only a driver and he was also injured. So, to end my weekend a bit shaken up by all of this…

I turn to my WIPs!

P2055926First up is Coming Home for the Holidays, the SAL I am working on with Lana over at A Joyful Stitcher! Yes, the horse finally has a head, LOL!!!P2055922


Next is Medallions! I am really loving the darker fabric and hope to have this one finished by early Spring so I can get it on my wall.


IMG_1929And finally is Hope by Imaginating, Inc from the 2009 JCS Ornament issue. I actually finished the stitching portion and will probably finish it next weekend.

And another finish that I can finally share. I found out the Ellen at Cross Stitch Passion received her giveaway win. She told me that she loves everything and that the chocolate didn’t last long (of course)! LOL Anyway, I did finally finish that pin cushion pillow from The Gift of Stitching eZine and sent it in her package:



Nicola said...

Oh Jules, how awful. Sending you hugs xxx

Thank God we have our stitching to keep us sane.

Beth Pearce said...

What a horrible weekend! Sorry to hear about your dad and uncle. Your stitching, however, is fabulous! Great progress!

Ziggyeor said...

Oh that's a heck of a weekend. I hope things start to look better for you. Good progress on the stitching, I'm glad the horse is no longer headless.

Anonymous said...


Just found your blog.

What a horrible weekend for you.

Your stitching is lovely.