Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Laptop Disaster and Progress

Welcome to my newest followers!!!

Well, I made it back from Denver in barely one piece. Long connection in Nashville was over 3 hours delayed so I didn't walk through my door until 2am Saturday. Went to the Tigers v. Rays game Saturday night and got home to a mess in my room. I left a cup (32 oz) of tea on my night table and my laptop turned upside down on my trash canister. Needless to say the cats wanted tea and managed to dump half of it on my laptop. So, Sunday after church I went to Walmart and purchased a new laptop. I now have an Acer Chromebook. All-in-all I like it, with the exception of the keypad. Takes some getting used to...

I did take my Praying Hands wip with me to Denver. However I didn't get anything done on it while there. Here is where I left things just before leaving:

I have tomorrow off for the July 4th holiday and plan to do a little stitching on it then. Maybe put some in tonight as well.

~~~Until Next Time~~~


Sallyann said...

Lovely stitching and very naughty cats!

Anonymous said...

Your stitching looks great. Enjoy your day off (:

Jules said...

Thanks! I can't really blame the cats. It was my fault for leaving the cup where I did. I must say that they do have a sweet tooth, lol.

Sandy said...

so who won the game? the Tigers (my home team) or the Rays? Love your Prayers - It is loving great. Sorry about the laptop.