Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Question posed by another blogger

I was reading through some of the blogs I follow over the weekend and came across one that poses this question: Why have so many of us let our blogs flounder?

Well, in her post she states to write a blog post with our response if we are one of those who let our blogs sit idle.

Yes, I tend to take long breaks in between posts on here (as I am sure many have noticed). It's not for lack of something to say. I think I just get bored easily and spend way too much time on Facebook. And since I have been without cable since July, my laptop substitutes as a "TV" (I spend a lot of time on Netflix, CBS, and ABC). Yeah, I know, these are excuses but at least I am trying, he he.

My blog is devoted to my stitching, photography and writing. Maybe I could spend more time with my nose in the Bible and more time writing on this here blog. I haven't been stitching much most of this year and my photography is lacking. I really would love to spend more time taking photos, but lack of available fun money right now makes driving to different areas unaffordable. OK, more excuses. :(

I am grateful for all of my followers on here.



Catherine said...

So much in common ~ lack of stitching, wishing I could just drive around and stop to take photos when something catches my eye, and feeling like I am making excuses! Lol!

stitcheranon said...

I love blogging: you can put far more thought into what you want to say compared to fb. Saying that even I feel I spend too much time online..procrastination ought to be a sin lol

Jules said...

I think procrastination is a sin, it's just called something else. Sloth... LOL