Saturday, April 5, 2014

God Revealed

Have you ever contemplated what, in your life, God has revealed to you? It could be something about your life, and important event, or just an "A-ha" moment. As I read through this book, I have been trying to think back on my life to recall any moments where God revealed something important to me. It's been a difficult task to say the least.

Chapter 2 centers around experiences through relationships or friendships. One of the questions posed at the end is "Can you identify just one person from your past with whom you enjoyed a strong friendship and in whose presence you felt spiritually enriched?" Well, I can answer with an emphatic YES! Part of this exercise is to reach out to that person(s), which I did several months ago. While that friendship may have since fizzed out, it did leave an impression on me. One of the best parts of that friendship is we were always able to talk about anything related to religion, Christianity, spirituality, and God. I will miss that friendship, but know and realise more than ever it's beyond time to let go of him.

Another question posed is to identify/list greatest passions and God-given spiritual gifts. Well, I have gone through a class through my church a couple of times over the past year to discover my gifts. The one thing it always comes back to is teaching. I am still learning about myself where spiritual gifts are concerned, but I do feel led to work more in a teaching capacity. As to greatest passions, well you can just go through this blog and see what those are: photography, cross stitch, writing, and family. Of course it goes without saying I have a strong passion for God. I truly believe this is reflected in the care I take in my other passions.

So, what has God revealed to you about your life?

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