Tuesday, May 20, 2014


You know the one thing I realise I haven't been sharing with you is my journey through the Bible much lately. It's not because I'm not reading it or any other spiritual / religious / faith -based text. On the contrary, I am reading 4 different books right now in addition to trying to pick up my Bible a few nights a week. Ok, so I have gone a bit backward on my Bible reading and I feel horrible about this. I just can't seem to keep the focus.

This past Sunday we received a 30-day Bible Reading Plan with our programs. I have every intention of working through the plan, but decided to wait until June 30th. I don't know why I am waiting, lol. Maybe because I am afraid I will lose the first half of Genesis if I open it too many more times. You see, I have a tendency to get into it so much at times that the pages start separating from the binding. Mind you, this particular Bible is a soft cover / paperback.

See what I mean?

I have been looking to buy a new Bible and have narrowed my choice between these 2 options:

Both are a leather-type binding.

My ideal Bible would be a NKJV, Leather bound, Thumb indexed, with Concordance. Anything else would be the cherry on top!


cucki said...

I love it x

Olivia said...

If you haven't had a Bible with a cyclopedia index, I would recommend it. It's a great tool in addition to the concordance you mention.

Linda K's Stitching Corner said...

I like my Life Application Study is full of Information for each book of the Bible, lots and lots of footnotes, maps, concordance in the back, dictionary in the back. I really love this Bible and I have had it for years and I use it to death. It is a excellent Study Bible.