Sunday, June 8, 2014

I am listening...

We have been doing a series at church called "The Voice"; not to be confused with the TV show. It's mainly been about listening to and hearing God's voice when he speaks to us. Whether it be through Bible reading, prayer, in our hearts or even in our dreams when we sleep at night, God speaks to us. He can be soft and subtle, or loud like thunder booming in the sky. I have had moments in my life where something came across to me and it was most likely God giving me direction. Did I always listen to Him? No. Do I always hear Him? Nope. But I do try to listen to Him.

This morning, in those wee hours of waking sleep, I was dreaming. I don't know what the dream was about but I did hear something quite clearly:

"Friends scatter from friends and meet new faces."

I do believe this was God's voice I heard and I do believe He is telling me something; giving me direction. I don't even know if there is anything in the Bible that states this or anything similar. But it was very profound and very clear to me in my dream. (I did a cursory search on Google and couldn't find any specific Biblical reference so if any of you know of one, please share).

In other news, yesterday was our annual Hayes Family Reunion. I am not going to share a lot of pictures, only one. But I will say that I have yet again come away with a lot of new information about my family genealogy. It amazes me every time I learn who we are related to; that is, our family's connection to rather famous persons. This time we learned of our connection to General Robert E. Lee. Funny thing is, I remember sitting next to a kid in class my junior year of high school (eons ago) who was named for General Lee; and is a direct relation. Very cool to learn all these years later that he and I are distantly related, lol.

I am in the front row standing all the way to the left. My dad's brother is in the scooter (the only living brother at this time).

The next year should see me more actively involved in family research, especially as it pertains to archaeological digs in and around Sumter County. I'll talk more on that later.

As it continues to storm outside, I will close and leave you with this:

"Be still and wait on the Lord" ~ Psalm 37:7


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Such a sweet post my dear
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