Saturday, July 12, 2014


Let me preface this post by saying that I don't feel bad about being away from this blog so much over the past year. I have finally accepted the fact that I just don't want to keep up with anything right now. Not that I don't want to keep up with you, my readers. I just don't want to do this on a regular basis.

I wrote a while back about my depression and the battle I have with it. Well, it's back and with a vengeance. I have found that I am forcing myself to do anything: cross stitch, read, clean the house (and it really needs a deep clean), etc. If I don't force myself, this depression may take me over completely.


So, with that said, I am so close to completing "The Gardeners". If I can sit with it for the afternoon tomorrow, I should have my FIRST finish of the year, lol! Even though I did some little things (bookmarks and handkerchiefs), I don't really count those. They were quick projects for specific events. And I don't even have pics of the latter. Oh well, such is life I suppose.

I will share with you some of the pictures I have taken this summer monsoon season so far:

Pasco County Historic Courthouse taken June 14, 2014

Hope your summer hasn't been as wet and stormy as ours!


Judy S. said...

Sorry to hear of your struggles with depression, Jules! Hang in there. Hope your various activities will get you on the upswing. Take care. Sending hugs, too!

cucki said...

Hang in there my dear..thinking of you so much here..
Sending you big hugs xx

Marcy said...

So sorry to hear this. I hope you get to feeling better soon. Will be thinking of you.

P.J. said...

Keep your spirits up; hope you are getting the help you need. You don't have to fight this alone. Can't wait to see your big finish with The Gardeners.

Heather said...

I hope you start to feel better soon. Many of us have gone through bouts of depression and understand.

And, you may have had a lot of rain, but it looks so lovely and green!