Tuesday, February 7, 2017

In my quest...

In my quest to be more active on this here blog, I let January slip by me, lol! Anyway, been keeping busy with my job. Not teaching this semester due to low enrollment, but hopeful for Fall term. Gives me a few months to maybe rework some of what I do in class.

Went to a memorial service this morning for a dear old man from church. Gonna miss him a lot. It's like losing my dad all over again. The irony of today is it also happens to be my late grandma's 93rd birthday. I miss her all the time. After the service and visiting with the family, I stayed back (well got some lunch in between) for worship rehearsal. So invigorating! The more I listen, the more I have grown to love contemporary Christian music.

I've been reading in Isaiah. It's interesting how while reading certain verses from Revolution pop into my head. Maybe not the exact verse, but what I remember from reading that very daunting book. The Women's group I go to on Wednesdays will be wrapping up Sweeter than Honey this week and then delving into Matthew for a 30-day challenge. I'm looking forward to it. I also will be going to a new old Bible Study. New study, old group. We're doing something by Rick Warren. Should be fun and interesting. I am really trying to get more involved in studies and such at church. I need it as much as I want it.

Until next time ~~~

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